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Project 5am

Today guest contributor Jason Haye shares his Project 5am.

Jason writes, “Project 5am is about capturing and following the essence of being in the moment. It is an interdisciplinary project which can be viewed as a celebration of creativity or as a 5 year old diary of exploring a moment of enlightenment. The allusive aspect of the site reflects the Allen Ginsberg poem “5am” that it was inspired from and the mystic of the people, stories and philosophies that I have encountered on my journey. The aim is for the viewer to signify with references that are on the site and to put into their own context because …questions answers life.”


A moment that can happen at any time.

when everything falls into place,​
clarity is at clearest,​
confusion transforms into oneness​
and when fate…​
Welcomes you with open arms

“on a day like this”

“A lazy sailor at heart”

Jason Haye (b. 1978) is an Ipswich based artist and is currently studying a BA (Hons) Fine Art at the University Campus Suffolk.

To share your own “five am” moment as a video or Soundcloud file, email thatklickitat [at] gmail [dot] com. Submissions will be accepted throughout April.

UPDATE: Jason pointed out that today is the anniversary of Ginsberg’s death, making this post particularly apropos.


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