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The Great Dog Bottom Swap

This installment of “That’s A Children’s Book?,” or really, “That’s a book at all?” is credit, Ms. Jen Knoch. She seeks out inappropriate children’s books and this is her latest find.

This is the story of the Dogs’ Summer Ball, an affair so fancy, that all the dogs have to remove their “bums” (illustrated as cheery pink ‘o’s) to dine. Suddenly a fire breaks out and all the dogs have to grab whatever bum they can find, with no guarantee that they’ve grabbed their own. Ostensibly, this is an origin tale of why dogs sniff each others’ butts.

Not a question that needed an answer.

Sadly, I can’t find any images of the interior art for you. Those little pink ‘O’s, all hung in a line, are something to see.



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A unique coloring book

While perusing the Australian/New Zealand divison of Walker Books’ (sister of the American Candlewick Press) website I found

the Yves Saint Laurent Colouring Book.

I can just see toddlers dressed in slimming black gathered around the pages of this book, arguing over who gets to color the evening gown.


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