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There can never be too many pictures of cakes on the Internet, right?

I’ve started a tumblr to catalog some of my more interesting food projects (okay, they’re mostly cakes). I’ve been tempted to post photos here but worried it’d be too off topic. Still working out how I can feed you while you read.

I plan to update intermittently, as worthy subject matter comes about.

(+ 5 karma points if you know who “Bendix” is.)

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My Kitchen, Where Literature Beats Food Into Submission

What? You don’t press your tofu according to themes and colors?

That’s no fun.

I once lugged that Norton Shakespeare on a cross-country flight and was stopped at security because my bag contained “an object of unusual size and density.” I think the poor TSA agent hurt his arm inspecting it. He looked me over and said, “You must be stronger than you look.” Ha. Sometimes I’m too much of a nerd for my own good.


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