My name is Julie Judkins and I’m a digital librarian at the University of Michigan. In my “spare” time, I write reviews for Library Media Connection and Library Journal and facilitate a teen writing workshop at 826michigan. I am a 2013 American Library Association Emerging Leader and thank ACRL-LES and ACRL-Arts for their generous sponsorship.

I started Klickitat as a space to discuss things that interest me, including, but not limited to: books, movies, television programs, creative writing, cooking, and professional library practices. With luck, the list of topics will grow as this blog does.

So what exactly is a “klickitat,” you ask? Klickitat is a name native to the Pacific Northwestern United States, where I grew up. Although the name originated with an indigenous people who called Washington and Oregon their home, Klickitat is best known in popular culture as the street where Ramona Quimby and Henry Huggins live in Beverly Cleary’s books. (It’s a real street. You can visit it when you go to Portland, Oregon.) I chose to call my blog Klickitat for several reasons. First, I am a native Oregonian, and as a kid I loved that I lived so close to a place I read about in books. It was a kind of magic. Naming this blog Klickitat connects me not only to my past but more specifically to the notion that literature is accessible, even to a young child, a belief I hold strongly. Second, I read and think and write a great deal about children’s literature. Therefore, it seemed appropriate that I name this blog after a famous landmark in a famous children’s series. Lastly, it’s a nice word and fun to say. I don’t want to discount that.

This blog is partnered with Powell’s Books, whose physical headquarters are located in Portland, Oregon. That’s why you see the Powell’s logo on my site. Any time you make a purchase in the Powell’s on-line store from a link I’ve provided, I earn a small commission. This partnership in no way affects the running of this site or the content.

The banner picture is my own work, taken with a Holga camera.

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