Poetry Resources

Today marks the halfway point of National Poetry Month. Seems like a good time to share some poetry-related resources. Click on a book’s cover to access more information.


poets.org (Academy of American Poets)

The Poetry Foundation website, podcasts and Record-a-Poem project

Poetry Daily (daily poem)

Verse Daily (daily poem)

OnePause (“investigating beauty and revitalizing poetry in Michigan and beyond”)

From the Fishouse (audio archive of readings and interviews)

The Writer’s Almanac podcast (subscribe in iTunes), hosted by Garrison Keillor and featuring a daily poem

Wave Books’ Erasure site (currently under construction)

My posts on Erasure Poetry: Erasure Poems and Some more thoughts on erasure poetry


“…two spirited poets, themselves teachers of poetry, offer guidance to aspiring beginners and those who have already published. Brief essays on the elements of poetry, technique, and suggested subjects for writing are each followed by distinctive writing exercises.” — Publisher’s description

“Finally back in print, this slender, user-friendly guide to rhyme, rhythm, meter, and form sparks “intuitive and technical lightning-fl ashes” for poets and readers curious to know a poem’s inner workings. Clear, good-humored, and deeply readable, Alfred Corn’s book is the modern classic on prosody—the art and science of poetic meter.” — Publisher’s description

“Join such poets as Jane Yolen, Nancy Willard, X. J. Kennedy, Naomi Shihab Nye, David Mura, and Angela Johnson as they reveal a personal, heartfelt response to works by Thomas Hart Benton, Romare Bearden, Jacob Lawrence, Grandma Moses, Faith Ringgold, Man Ray, Georgia O’Keeffe, and many others. Whether the poems are playful, challenging, tender, mocking, humorous, sad, or sensual, each work of art, seen through the eyes of a poet, allows readers to look at the world with new insight.” — Publisher’s description

“Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge is a poet and teacher who conducts workshops privately, as well as in the California Poets in the Schools program. Her exuberant, critically acclaimed teaching guide takes instructors, writers, and general readers into the very heart and intensity of life and the craft of expressing what one feels through the written word.” — Publisher’s description

“This collection of classic children’s poetry, adapted to music by Natalie Merchant, opens the door to a wondrous world filled with witches and fearless girls, blind men and elephants, giants and sailors and dancing bears. Leave Your Sleep features a daring and delightful selection, ranging from the beloved (e.e. cummings, Edward Lear, and Jack Prelutsky) to the undiscovered (the young Nathalia Crane). Natalie Merchant’s brilliant musical renderings, selected from her highly praised album, share the stage with Barbara McClintock’s richly imagined art to create a memorable reading, looking, and listening experience” — Publisher’s description; My post on the original album

“This powerful book about nonviolence includes never-before-published excerpts from William Stafford’s daily journal from 1951 to 1991.” — Publisher’s description

“With passion, wit, and good common sense, the celebrated poet Mary Oliver tells of the basic ways a poem is built-meter and rhyme, form and diction, sound and sense. Drawing on poems from Robert Frost, Elizabeth Bishop, and others…” — Publisher’s description

“With a poet’s ear and a poet’s grace of expression, Oliver shows what makes a metrical poem work – and enables readers, as only she can, to ‘enter the thudding deeps and the rippling shallows of sound-pleasure and rhythm-pleasure that intensify both the poem’s narrative and its ideas.'” — Publisher’s description


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