Re-posting last year’s adventure in Season Lying.


Last week, as I was helping facilitate a workshop at 826michigan, a young girl looked me dead in the eye and, as if she were doing me a favor, told me, “Santa Claus doesn’t exist!”

Realizing I was in a room full of 8 – 11 year olds*, I knew I had exactly five seconds to not crush a child’s dreams. So I pulled out my best confused face and said, “Noooooo! Where did you hear that? I have never heard that before.

“It’s true!” she said.

“Huh,” I replied. Seeing she wasn’t buying my lame attempt at extending her childhood innocence, I continued: “Hey, did you read that on the Internet? Because you can’t trust everything you read on the Internet, you know.”

The girl stared at me for a moment and I could tell I almost had her. Just as I was imagining rounding the podium…

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