Ann Arbor District Library Summer Game: Teaching Information Literacy

This post is part of my on-going series on the Ann Arbor District Library’s (AADL) Summer Game.

The “We are all Weird” badge did something very interesting: it incorporated basic information literacy into the Game.

To find the hidden codes and earn the badge, players were asked to use the advanced search features of the library catalog by sorting items by relevance, popularity, date of publication, and authors’ last names.

It’s likely many library patrons breeze right by these search functions when they use the catalog. By incorporating it into the Game, AADL highlights the functions of their catalog, teaches their patrons to be better searchers, and increases the likelihood that patrons will carry out more effective searches in the future without the need of outside assistance. Pretty slick.

Further Reading and Questions to Consider:

  • Using Wonderopolis to make college students better searchers (Chasing Reference)
  • How can you incorporate information literacy or other skills that will help your patrons’ better take advantage of your services into programs and special events within your organization?
  • Do you think incorporating information literacy into a library’s Summer Game is an effective way to model effective search strategies? Why or why not?

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