Ann Arbor District Library Summer Game: (Art) Fair to Middlin’ Badge

This post is part of my on-going series on the Ann Arbor District Library’s (AADL) Summer Game.

If you’ve ever visited Ann Arbor in July, you’re no doubt familiar with one of our most famous (some townies might say infamous) Art Fairs.

Typical scene from the main Art Fair. Credit: Wikipedia

As it turns out, there’s a badge for that.

The AADL website features much more than a catalog of library materials. There’s also an extensive network of databases featuring archival materials from the city’s newspapers and history. One such database is “50 Years of Originality: A History of the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair.”

This badge walks you through several searches of “50 Years of Originality,” as well as relevant searches in the library’s catalog.

Along the way, players learned more about an event that is deeply embedded in their hometown’s psyche.

Take-aways and Questions to Consider:

  • The “Fair to Middlin'” badge serves two functions within the AADL Summer Game: it highlights a library service and it teaches players more about the town’s history. What is special about your city? How can you use something like a game or a special program to celebrate your city’s history?
  • Does your organization offer services above and beyond what is expected by your patrons (i.e. archival databases in addition to a library catalog)? How can you highlight them with a game or program?

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