Ann Arbor District Library Summer Game: Earning the “Eye For An Eisner” Badge

This post is part of my on-going series on the Ann Arbor District Library’s (AADL) Summer Game

Today I’m walking you through earning the “Eye For An Eisner” badge, part of the on-line scavenger hunt component of AADL’s Summer Game. The title and badge objective reference winners of the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards. To earn the badge, a player had to locate eight codes hidden within catalog entries on

The first clue is located in the badge description: “we’ll start by finding the book that has 1994’s Best Single Issue Story in it.”

I couldn’t figure out a good way to find that criteria within the AADL catalog so I decided to consult the Comic Con website, which lists past Eisner winners. Here is information for 1994:

Seeing that the winner for Best Single issue was Batman Adventures: Mad Love, I searched for that title in the AADL catalog.

And voila! I found the following hyperlinked game code:

Clicking on it took me here, where I could redeem the code for points and receive my next clue:

I again consulted the Comic Con website and located the 1997 winner for Best Limited Series, as directed

and located this code.

I found all the codes and completed the badge in much the same manner going forward.

By the way, if I hadn’t thought to search outside the catalog, the Game nudged me with a hint:

Next time we’ll look at badges that called upon slightly more complex search strategies.

Take-aways and Questions to Consider:

  • Even though this badge takes us outside the catalog to hunt down clues, it’s building literacy about the Eisner award, the types of materials that are associated with it, and the many different categories for which works receive recognition. As a player goes through the process of earning a badge like this it’s very possible she’ll find something she wants to put on hold that she didn’t even know existed (berry-picking method). If nothing else, playing the AADL Summer Game raises a player’s awareness about the diversity of items the library owns.
  • It’s very likely the general public is not acutely aware of the Eisner Award or the publications that earn it. Creating a badge like “Eye for An Eisner” can help educate the public while also fostering excitement about materials the library owns. I’d be very surprised if the circulation numbers on Eisner winning materials didn’t increase at least a little. How could your library or archive use similar strategies to highlight hidden gems within your collections?
  • As with other Summer Game tasks, hunting down the titles using the clues given teaches effective search strategies. Earning this badge taught me several ways to look up information about past Eisner winners (Comic Con website, Wikipedia). This knowledge will help me find similar information in the future (maybe next school year I’ll be assigned a book report on past Newbery winners) and ensures I’ll be able to go back and track down more Eisner winners if I liked what I found in the catalog previously.

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