Ann Arbor District Library Summer Game: West Branch Scavenger Hunt

This post is part of my on-going series on the Ann Arbor District Library’s (AADL) Summer Game

Yesterday, I covered the Branch Explorer badges. Today I thought you might enjoy a virtual field trip to AADL’s West Branch and the chance to spy over my shoulder as I complete the scavenger hunt there.

The West Branch is unique among AADL’s locations for being the only branch without its own dedicated building. It’s located in the Westgate Shopping Center, off Jackson Road.

Because I’d never been inside this branch before, I first took a look around.

West Branch entrance

A quick check of the Summer Game page on my smart phone’s browser (how I entered codes in transit) informed me that there were five game codes to find.

My completed on-line score card from

With no time like the present, I turned into the first room on my left and began my hunt.

I’d found the Youth area. Turning another corner, I found my first code! One down, four to go!

Leaving the Youth room, I found my next two codes attached to the small display case near the entrance.

With three codes under my belt, I decided to go after some low hanging fruit and ask a staff member for the Branch Code.

The last code was tricky! After wandering around in the stacks for a bit, I finally found it nestled up high in the mystery section.

And I win!

That wraps up my coverage for this week. Join me on Monday for more on the Summer Game.

Take-aways and Questions to Consider:

  • Are there features of your organization that you wish more people knew about? How might you use games or a scavenger hunt to highlight them?
  • How might you use games to generate foot traffic in your physical location?
  • Vary the level of difficulty so that patrons/visitors/students have no choice but to explore your location. How might you entice them to come back even without a game? For example, if you’re a school library, you might create a few high interest displays during the Game to demonstrate that your library has interesting services.

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