Oh, and I’m also presenting at ALA Annual

On Friday I told you about the poster I’ll be presenting at ALA Annual this year. But wait, there’s more! I, along with the fabulous Krystal Thomas, am presenting a Conversation Starter on Monday, June 25, from 9:15 – 10:00 AM. Details below. Hope to see you there.

Title: Welcome to the Digital Revolution. Where Are Your Libraries?

Location: Anaheim Convention Center, 208A

Description: The digital revolution allows library users to access materials and create and collaborate as never before. But how is a digital library created? Julie Judkins, Digital Librarian and Coordinator of the University of Michigan Medical School’s American Influenza Epidemic of 1918: A Digital Encyclopedia, and Krystal Thomas, Dickinson State University’s Theodore Roosevelt Digital Library Coordinator, will share their experiences creating large-scale digital archives from scratch and will offer advice to institutions interested in building their own digital library.

Topics covered will include:
* Questions to ask during initial planning
* Ideal materials for a digitization project
* Resources required
* Copyright concerns and how to tackle them
* Ensuring the longevity of the digital collection
* Tips on collaborating with project partners
* Advice on user testing
* How to promote your finished project
* Successful project examples for inspiration and guidance

A note from the presenters: As practitioners involved with digital projects, we feel a discussion on the use and value of digital libraries is valuable for librarians across many disciplines. Our discussion on digital libraries will offer colleagues the valuable opportunity to discuss how to start a digital library project, issues they have encountered, and the opportunity to seek the advice of their peers. We hope our discussion on the future of digital libraries is inspiring and helpful to institutions just starting to investigate digital libraries, as well as those already embarked on projects of their own. We welcome all interested librarians to bring their questions about digital library projects to this facilitated discussion.

Digital Libraries
Institutional Repositories
Project Management
Type of Library: 


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3 responses to “Oh, and I’m also presenting at ALA Annual

  1. JK

    Um, how proud am I of you! I wish I was going to ALA just to sit there and beam!

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