826michigan workshop schedule is now live!

If you live in SE Michigan you might be interested to know that the 826michigan workshop schedule is now live! Registration begins Wednesday night, the 11th, at 7 PM. As always, all workshops are free of charge.

I’m very excited to be teaching a workshop on erasure poetry for teens this term. It was inspired by my recent blog post on the subject.

The Poetry of Absence: Creating Erasure Poems
Taught by Julie Judkins
Ages: 12-16, 15 students
Saturday, March 17 2012, 2-3:30pm (one session)

Interested in writing poetry but not sure where to find the words? Take a page from our book! In this workshop we’ll experiment with “erasure poetry,” where words on a printed page (newspaper, discarded book page) are crossed out until the ones remaining form a brand new work: your poem! We’ll look at the history of the art form, discuss techniques, and then uncap our permanent markers and try it for ourselves.

Julie Judkins published her first story, about a girl who faces discrimination because she’s best friends with a heart, in Highlights Magazine at the age of five. She is a digital librarian at the University of Michigan Medical School and blogs about literature and writing (among other things) at Klickitat.


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