Programming Idea: Winter Book Bundles (Tualatin (OR) Library)

I’m currently in Oregon, spending time with my parents over the holidays. I liked this teen programming idea from their local library (the lovely remodeled Tualatin Public Library in Washington County) and wanted to share it with you.

The Tualatin librarians grouped books together in threes by theme (What’s in a name? Old books with a new twist; sports; fantasy) and attached a tag with space for the books’ titles and a starred rating. Teens who return a completed tag are eligible for prizes.

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Isn’t that a fun idea? A nice scaled back version of the traditional summer reading program that still takes advantage of the “free time” encountered during the winter break to stimulate interest in the library (and maybe in a new genre of books). I imagine this format could be used for picture books and books for younger children too (with the expectation that the parents would help with the evaluation).

Happy holidays everyone.


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