Keep Toronto Reading Is Back!

Last year the Toronto Public Library started a fabulous month-long program, Keep Toronto Reading, that encourages readers to recommend their favorite books through video testimonials. This April they’re back and even bigger and better. This year’s theme is “Let Books Transform You.” You can catch all of the contributors’ videos on TPL’s KTR website (and perhaps contribute one of your own?) I encourage you to visit. With any luck, you’ll take away a few ideas.

But wait there’s more! Although KTR doesn’t officially kick off until Friday, friends of this blog at The Keepin’ It Real Book Club couldn’t resist opening their presents early. Starting this week, and running throughout the rest of April, Jen will feature at least one video a day from a contributor. A lot of awesome people are involved with KIRBC so you’re ensured a lot of great recos. I hope you’ll join us!


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