My Kitchen, Where Literature Beats Food Into Submission

What? You don’t press your tofu according to themes and colors?

That’s no fun.

I once lugged that Norton Shakespeare on a cross-country flight and was stopped at security because my bag contained “an object of unusual size and density.” I think the poor TSA agent hurt his arm inspecting it. He looked me over and said, “You must be stronger than you look.” Ha. Sometimes I’m too much of a nerd for my own good.



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2 responses to “My Kitchen, Where Literature Beats Food Into Submission

  1. JK

    You are the best. Also crazy. Who takes the Norton anywhere unless you’re planning on using it as a weight for poetic suicidal plunge? Also, that thing would never get through security these days — it’s more dangerous than a nail clipper.

  2. You see, it had ended up with my college textbooks at my parents’ home and when I went home from a visit, I just knew it had to come back to Michigan with me. (I remember plucking it from the shelf and clutching it to my chest, only to stagger a bit under its weight.) And I was afraid shipping it would be prohibitive. But…yes. Quite insane, in retrospect!

    As the TSA agent was flipping through, page by page, I liked to think that somewhere Will was watching and laughing his merry guts out.

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